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Missa Meal Day

I’ve began to realize that I can’t possibly keep up with the things I’d like to blog on, the things that make an impression on me in some way. Sometimes these things have a great significance, other times they deserve nothing more than a honerable mention. I’m always amazed at some of the blogs I admire and their writers and how often they are able to come up with creative things to write. I guess it’s what they call talent. Something I wish I have more of.

Today I’m going to begin a style of blog entry that hopefully will continue for some time in the future. I’m naming it Missa Meal after a tradition in my wife’s family. Every so often my wife’s mother would “collect” the leftovers from the past few days’ meals and create a meal and call it “Missa Meal”.  That’s what these posts will be…..a collection of things that I’ve found interesting over the past few days.

So with that explanation, let’s begin:

Refusing to Sing The Star Spangled Banner
This is an article written by a Mennonite pastor explaining why many Mennonites refuse to sing the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events. Though I’m not sure exactly where my beliefs are on this, for quite some time now I’ve been uncomfortable “pledging my allegiance” to any other cause than the cause of Jesus Christ.

Chinese Labor Becoming Too Expensive
An interesting article on how many companies are deeming Chinese labor rates too expensive and are now looking elsewhere to have their manufacturing work done. Places like Cambodia and even African countries are now being eyed my many American companies as a source of cheap labor.  As someone whose line of work has been effectively dismembered  by cheap Chinese and Indian labor it has been my contention for quite some time that the flood of our manufacturing base overseas has been due to nothing more than personal greed rather than a desire for a company to remain competitive.

Technology’s Role In Inappropriate Relationships
I remember many years ago when cameras on phones were first introduced in Japan. I read an article then expressing shock and surprise that men were using the camera phones on packed commuter trains to take photos up women’s skirts. The first thing that come to mind back then was “DUH!” what else did you think was going to happen?! It’s only going to get worse as man will become increasingly aided by technology to find outlets for his total sinful depravity.

Assurance of Salvation
As time has rolled on for me and I have come more and more to understand what God’s Word, the Bible, teaches about the sovereignty of God I have come to understand there isn’t really such thing as “backslider”, but only those that haven’t slidden forward in the first place. This article and another linked in the article are good basic explanations on a Christian’s assurance of their salvation in Jesus Christ.

Scandal Plaqued Pastors
Even in the face of clear and plain evidence, many people will continue to support a scandal plagued megachurch pastor. This article explains some of the dynamics behind megachurch pastors and their supporters from a secular perspective.


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