About Me

My name is Michael. I work in the aerospace industry and live in Fort Worth, TX with my wife, Kristine, of 21 years and two beautiful daughters. Emily is 17 years old and LauraAnn is 10.

My Wife and I

I was raised in a large Pentecostal church denomination and spent the larger part of my adult years either in rebellion to God or in another Pentecostal denomination than I was raised.

Around 2007 I began to go through a period in my life where I set out to understand why so much of what I was being taught in church didn’t line up with the plain meaning of the Bible. That journey led me to leaving my church of 8 years to pursue a church that scripture verse by verse, the way scripture is to be taught. It has radically changed my walk with God, much of it very painful.

This blog was started as  a way to “vent” some of those things I was walking through and to show others that there are other Christians that are experiencing what they are going through.

In my free time I enjoy running, reading, cycling, and even a little griping.