To Make a Long Story Short

It’s been a while since I posted on Justa Sorethumb.

Things have been a little difficult around here for a while. As I’ve posted here before, I lost my job of 4-1/2 years in Dec 2010. I quickly found another job working at home here in the Fort Worth, Texas area for a Seattle engineering firm in January of this year only to be laid off again in August.

After searching locally for about 6 weeks I was ready to have to leave town and head toward Seattle to go back to work temporarily for the Seattle engineering firm I had been let go from. Out of the blue, I get a call from my old company that I was let go from in December 2010 and they wanted me to start right away. It’s not exactly the type of job I want (it’s basically a job helping the Chinese learn to do my job), but it’s a job for now.

This was my fourth week back at my old company and it’s been a little difficult getting back into 11-hour days, but I am. I’m glad to have a job locally and I didn’t have to leave my family.

I’m not really a political sort of guy anymore. I gave most of that up when I was saved. No man is our savior and whether we know it or not, far too many “evangelical Christians” have too much faith in their elected officials. However, my political soapbox comment of the day has to do with the astonishing amount of work we’re sending overseas.

I know many Americans are aware we’re sending huge amounts of our manufacturing base to China and India, I’m just not sure if most Americans really understand how much. Take for instance the Boeing 747 jumbo jet with it’s millions of parts. While most of the large components are still assembled here in the USA, almost all of the parts are now built in China or South Korea. Literally thousands of high paying jobs along with the skills and technology were siphoned from our industrial base and used to boost the economy of one of the worst human rights violators in the world.

Contrary to popular belief, this wasn’t done because Boeing couldn’t make a profit by making it completely here in the USA, It was done simply because they wanted to make a bigger profit. It’s no longer good enough in America for a corporate executive to be worth 20 million dollars, they want to be worth 200 million and the quickest way there is on the backs of cheap labor.

There is a great shifting of power from the Western world to the Eastern world going on now. This is just as the book of Revelation in the Bible has said it would be in the end times. As much as it disappoints and disheartens me, I know God is in control. He brings rulers up and he brings them low. America doesn’t get a free pass in this.

I don’t know if I’ll see the return of Jesus Christ in my lifetime. I do know, just as my mother said, it’s closer now than ever. Any Christian paying attention can sense it’s coming soon. There is certainly a hardening of hearts like never before. There’s a greed in society like never before. and most of all, even the Church is beginning to tolerate falsehood like never before.

So look up, Christian, because your redemption “draweth nigh”.

With the kind of hours I’ve been working and trying to keep up with my running, I don’t know how often I will be able to post. I miss it, because it’s kind a of a therapeutic thing for me, much like my running. It’s been a hard struggle to go through a change of churches and a change of jobs in the same year.

I know God is still there. He’s never left or forsaken me. It’s just a little tough to see him now, though. I’ve had to force myself at times to continue believing this past year. I’ve had to choose with my mind to believe because my heart certainly hasn’t been in it.

Nevertheless, I continue to hope. Praise be to God the Father through Jesus Christ.

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