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As I was in McDonald’s this morning for our weekly “Daddy-Daughter” breakfast, I noticed on the TV overhead that New York had become the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Since New York is the largest state so far to allow for same sex-marriages, the new law’s supporters were confident this is now a sign that same-sex marriage laws would begin to sweep the nation.

While there are other states that have adopted same-sex marriage laws, their acceptance in those states has been anything other than easy, California’s law, for instance, has been tied up in court since 2008 after a huge backlash from voters. While same-sex marriage supporters may have newly energized hope that these laws will sweep the nation, it remains to be seen whether this will be the case. While I doubt that it will be a tide that sweeps the nation, I do feel America will gradually come to accept same-sex marriage much like much of Europe has.

For quite some time now I’ve disagreed with the myth that America was founded as a Christian nation. I’ve also disagreed that we’re currently a Christian nation, in spite of what the polls may say. America is largely a pagan nation with pagan beliefs.The myth that we are a christian nation grew largely out of the de-segregation of the South and gained notoriety during the years before Ronald Reagan was elected president. This “Take back America for God” myth was popularized by Jerry Falwell and the Moral majority.

Yes, the name “God” was used throughout the original writings of our founding fathers of this country and there is no doubt that most of them believed in a “higher power”. But even a precursory reading of history books make it clear that the founding of this nation had absolutely nothing to do with freedom of religion but had everything to do with freedom to be able to physically prosper as we pleased. This “Christian Nation” myth didn’t come along till later with the fear of godless communism sweeping the world.

I’ve posted this before, but I’ll post it again. For everyone, especially Christians, who still insist on believing that America is or ever was a Christian nation, I strongly, highly, and insistently recommend the book UnChristian America: Living with Faith in a Nation That Was Never Under God by a man named Michael Babcock. Dr. Babcock does an unbelievable job of defending the belief that America was never a Christian nation to begin with by laying the groundwork of the history of this nation’s founding and the beliefs of the leading thinkers influencing the beliefs of the movers and shakers of that time. He follows up by giving a detailed history of the “Religious Right” and how they came to wield political power in the Republican party.

It is my belief this book is a must read for every single American Christian today. If you allow it to, this book will change they way you think about what are the important issues within Christianity in America. Most of all, however, it will give you a newfound understanding that it is only the Gospel that can save and not our political system. Jesus never intended us to fight our battles through politics. We were only to preach the Gospel faithfully and expect persecution along the way.

See, I’ve read the end of the Book of Revelation. This world doesn’t ever get “won for Jesus”. It will get steadily worse and persecution of a small faithful band of believers will increase. Only the Second return of Jesus Christ will ever set this world right. Not our political power, but the right hand of Jesus.

It’s time Christians in America started acting like we believe what the bible has to say about this and got off our political “moral majority” high horses and started simply preaching God’s word simply.


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