Not That Kind of Rock

I ran across this article here about a church in Mill Creek, Washington that is coming under fire from its neighbors in the surrounding housing about the volume of its music during worship services. In yet another distorted witness to the world about the true character of Jesus, this church is choosing to demand their rights rather that take the high ground and make some modifications to the volume levels.

Over a year ago, I had written a blog post here about this same “church”, Gold Creek Community Church. The stunt they were using back then was to tattoo a person on stage as a means of some sort of sermon illustration.

Over the years, this church, using man-centered techniques to draw a largely young hip crowd, has grown significantly. The growth has been so large that during Sunday morning worship services the police are required to direct traffic. Strangely enough, the neighbors have no complaint about the traffic, just the loud music.

All the church has to do is turn down the bass, said neighbor Lou DeFranza. The bass is so loud and pulsing it rattles and vibrates their homes.

The neighbors aren’t complaining about such things as increased traffic from the church. It’s mostly the bass, not even the actual music, he said.

In a classical “Gawd Bless America” response from the church leadership their freedom of speech rights are held up rather the servant heart of Jesus Christ:

“Gold Creek is a Christian Church and we believe our First Amendment right is freedom of religion,” Ehoff wrote to Ronglien. “You have said ‘just turn it down,’ but I want to worship in the way I want to worship and I don’t want someone else to tell me how I can do it.”

According to the article, however, I guess Mr. Ehoff has a very loose definition of just what worship is:

On Sunday, Ehoff, dressed in black jeans, T-shirt and a hoodie, sang “Rope,” a rock hit by the Foo Fighters, and Kellogg based his sermon on hanging onto God as the ultimate rope. As he spoke, images of rock climbers played on the screen behind him.

I couldn’t sleep the other night so I got out of bed and went into the living room to watch some TV. As is always my habit on the mornings I can’t sleep, I first turn to the “christian” TV channels to see the “heretics on parade” at that time of the morning. I never watch it for long because it actually turns my stomach, but at 4:00 AM it’s a good time to watch the televangelists that are really “out there” beyond even the fringe of sound biblical teaching.

This particular morning there was a show on with Juanita Bynum, the self-proclaimed “prophetess”. She was screaming and prancing before a jam-packed stadium of some sort. It looked like it was as large as a football stadium. Juanita was screaming in tongues, prancing in a stance just like a prairie chicken, and wearing long white robes.

I watched as Juanita made a complete mockery of God for around 10 minutes or so without ever a bit of biblical teaching coming from her mouth. During this entire time, there were literally thousands thronging the stage, hands in the air. I was amazed that this woman could pack this huge stadium just like a rock star………then it hit me.

They weren’t worshipping Jesus. They were worshipping her and her image. They weren’t drawn together around the unity of the Holy Spirit, they were drawn to her showmanship.

I didn’t start this post out to go off on Juanita Bynum. That morning I was watching her I realized something, though

If she could draw 50,000 or 60,000 people to one event and there are literally hundreds just like her all across the world doing the same thing, and there are literally thousands of churches of just like Gold Creek CC in Mill Creek, WA playing their games without any understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at all, this great apostasy the Bible speaks of is already here. America is already under a great delusion.

On any given Sunday there are millions in America thronging to watch a carefully orchestrated show put on by pastors who are under the delusion that they are somehow able to “convince” someone to follow Jesus Christ with their personal skills and talents rather than the Gospel. It’s a lie from the pit of Hell, and it’s here. It’s infiltrated and infected the overwhelming majority of churches in America, which is the media outlet to the rest of the world. This in turn is how the rest of the world is becoming infected. In other words, If satan can deceive America, the rest of the world follows suit.

We are at a time where we all need to understand the Gospel like never before. It’s not accepting Jesus into your heart. It’s not speaking in tongues. It’s not helping the poor or feeding the hungry. It’s the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the repentance and forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. It’s God’s sovereignty in all things.

Search the scriptures. Put the latest Christian authors down and turn off  TBN. We each need to get back to the basics of the faith and what the first apostles taught. We need to hear it every Sunday.

I can assure you no staged tattoo session, guitar solo, or chicken dance ever ushered anyone into heaven. Only through the desperate realization of our sinfulness before a holy God through the preaching of the Gospel has anyone ever entered the Kingdom.

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  1. cheryl u


    I ran across your website though M’Kayla’s Korner. Thank you for this article.


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