Whether ’tis Nobler In The Mind…..

I should be working rather than writing this post. But  that’s one of the advantages of working from home…..I can make up the hours later this weekend. Besides I can’t get the subject of this post off my mind as it’s far too disturbing.

I was making the rounds of my usual blogs this morning and ran across the following video clip of Stacey Campbell at some sort of youth conference. I guess I had no idea she was targeting the youth specifically now.

I first saw  Stacey Campbell when I was watching the Todd Bentley “ordination” in Florida a couple of years ago. In one of the most bizarre demonic manifestations I have ever seen, she “prophesied” over Todd Bentley. Yes, I said demonic. And I guess I’ll say it again, this thing she does is demonic and “snake-like”. Pure and simple. There is not a shred of scriptural evidence her behavior is from God, and to the contrary, due to the complete lack of the Gospel and the focus on “signs and wonders” is quite un-biblical.

I have to confess, I haven’t watched this thing all the way through. I can’t. It gets me too worked up…..and sick. I guess I’m only commenting on this video because of some recent events in my life where people I know have slowly began to re-involve themselves with this “circle” of people Stacey Campbell runs in.

Nevertheless, here it goes……. I’ll be quick about it.

1) (0:15) What exactly is a “corporate impartation” and where is that found in the Bible? I realize God “corporately imparted” gifts in the Book of Acts, but exactly where does it say we are to focus our church services on them? And where are we to seek and pray for “corporate annointings”?

2) (0:40) Yes, Stacey, we are to be “doers of the word”. Through humble submission, we are to go and make disciples and preach the Gospel. The Gospel is the death, burial, resurrection of Christ and repentance and forgiveness of sins. It is NOT signs and wonders. It is NOT a “prophetic” anointing. It is NOT focus on ourselves.  It is ALWAYS the death, burial, resurrection of Christ with repentance and forgiveness of sins. Always. And IF Christ chooses to perform signs and miracles, so be it. Never, at all, are we to be seekers of a sign. We are only hear and believe the Gospel.

3) (0:57) “Preach the gospel with signs following”….No, Stacey, WE preach the gospel (see above) and IF Christ chooses, signs will follow. We don’t force them.

4) (1:15) This personal prophecy….Where does this even have a biblical basis? How is this guy to know whether what they are saying is true? He doesn’t. This is clearly a “prophecy” designed to tickle the ears of others. The lady says “leave the crowds behind, leave the friends behind…”. This guy is being set-up for a shipwreck. If he goes forward and begins to have relationship problems with lifelong friends, he’ll see it as a “sign” from God, rather that his own stupid behavior. I myself have been there, done that, and actually have a couple of t-shirts to prove it.

Up to this point in my life I’ve witnessed hundreds of these personal “prophecies” and in many of them I knew the people they were given to.  It was all hogwash. Over and over again I’ve seen this stuff turn out to be untrue, yet these people speak as if it’s the very words of God.

These “prophets” all have an out. If their words don’t come to pass, they blame it on the receiving person’s faith or obedience, not their own “prophetic anointing”.

5) (2:15) what can I say here…..Other than demonic.

10 The brothers immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Berea, and when they arrived they went into the Jewish synagogue. 11Now these Jews were more noble than those in Thessalonica; they received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see if these things were so. (Acts 17:10-11, ESV)

It’s considered noble by God to dig into the written Word and find out if these things are true. It’s considered noble to hold a “prophet” accountable to the written Word. It’s considered noble to obey the written Word. It’s noble not to fall for every word delivered from a “prophet’s” mouth.

Take a quick perusal on the internet. Search out the names of your favorite “prophets”. Research it and check their behavior back to the exact written word. Not the teachings of your favorite evangelist or the latest  book, but the exact written word of God….the Bible.

Run, folks, while there’s still time.


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