Thou Shalt Entertain Thee

My wife and I went to the movies last night on a “date”.

We saw the movie “Lincoln Lawyer” based on the novel of the same name. I had listened the novel on audio about a year ago and really enjoyed it, as I have all of Michael Connelly’s novels.

In the movie there were curse words, a couple of scenes of graphic violence, and a steamy love scene (no nudity) between the main character and his ex-wife, neither of whom had re-married. In other words, there were things about the movie that probably weren’t “God-honoring”.

During the previews before the movie, there was a movie advertised named “Jumping the Broom“. It’s a movie produced by TD Jakes. The same TD Jakes who’s a pastor of “The Potters House” church in Dallas, TX. The same TD Jakes who’s the televangelist seen all over Christian TV.

Obviously I haven’t seen the movie, as it isn’t released yet.  Based on the trailer at the movie I went to see last night and what I can derive from the internet, it’s a movie about a woman who was spending her life chasing after the wrong kind of men and engaging in premarital sex. After an embarrassing incident, she tells God that if He would help her meet “Mr. Right”, she would no longer share her “cookies” (the movie’s words, not mine) with another man until marriage.

Again, I haven’t seen the movie, but it doesn’t appear there is one drop of Gospel message attached to her “conversion”. It appears it was merely a moral decision on her part.

I guess I can’t understand the motivation of a pastor with the kind of influence TD Jakes has making a movie like this. Obviously, while it’s a good thing not to “share your cookies” with another until marriage, without the Gospel driving your life, it’s merely moralism. Decisions based on moralism are merely that. Moral decisions that don’t “get you into heaven”. Righteousness that’s filthy rags in God’s sight.

While I struggle with the decision to watch the kind of movies my wife and I saw last night, at least there isn’t a danger of confusing what we saw with Godly values. The danger in movies like “Jumping the Broom” is confusing moral decisions with Godly obedience to the Gospel.

While I could go on and on about TD Jakes theology and whether he’s even a Christian or not, that’s not my intention here. Making movies, even with a “morally positive” message is just something no church leader has any business putting his name on.

It does nothing more than confuse an already “Gospel hardened” America once again making it seen like Christians are more concerned with their prosperity rather than being “slaves of Christ”.

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