My Wife, The Valentine Baby

Every year, during this time of year, my wife would see the Valentine’s candy hit the shelves and get all excited about her “birthday candy”. Once again, today is my wife, Kristine’s, birthday.

Additionally, 20 years ago, on February 9th I married the woman God gave me as my lifelong partner.

Over the last 20 years we’ve had our ups and downs, as most marriages do. I can say it’s taken me far too long to realize just how good I’ve had it and just how well God fit us together. She compliments me in every area where I lack.

She’s my voice in social situations where I’m uncomfortable. She  has a “sixth sense” and can sniff out the right way to go in any situation. She keeps me from flying off in too many directions.

Most of all she’s the best mother to my kids that any one could be. In fact, she has a way with kids that few have. I’ve yet to see anyone who’s able to organize and rivet kids’ attention the way she does.

For more reasons than I could ever write here, I’m so glad my wife chose me to give herself to.

Happy “29th” Valentine’s birthday Kristine. I love you.


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