Happy Sweet 16 Emily!

6 Month Old Emily

Today, January 31st, is my oldest daughter Emily’s 16th birthday.

I remember along about the time this picture was taken that I would want to take her and pick her up and hug her so much it would probably hurt her. Obviously I didn’t, but that longing to just hug and hug and hug and never let her go was there.

In some ways it’s still there…..but she’s 16 now and really doesn’t want me hugging her………at all.

This past year of her life she’s grown into a beautiful young lady before our eyes. She’s finished her first semester of junior college while at the same time finishing up some of the most difficult high school classes she could take. She’s received her learners permit and is slowly learning to drive.

And soon I won’t be able to hug her any more. I know it sounds so cliché, but I can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

I’m so proud of you Emily! God’s got you right where He wants you.


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