When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It

The title of this post is, of course, a famous quote by the former Yankees catcher, Yogi Berra. I chose it because, over the past couple of years, this seems to describe the most difficult part of my Christian walk.

I was laid off from my job effective Friday of last week. The threat of layoff has been looming over my head for nearly a year. I’ve seen my co-workers one-by-one pack their boxes, say their goodbyes and make the long walk down the hall and out of the factory over the last year.

God was good to me and I feel I was shown favor by being nearly one of the last ones laid off. I guess you could say I had plenty of warning to find another job. I guess I just kept hoping it would last.

My job field is limited as to where I can work. The pay is good and it’s interesting work but the locations of the companies that I can work at are sparsely scattered all over the country. As this layoff loomed I began looking and it looked like I was going to have to move to Seattle or Atlanta. I live in the Fort Worth, TX area and don’t want to leave. My roots are here.

I began to pray and still the layoff came and I still didn’t see any other options in sight. But on Wednesday this week, things changed.

On Wednesday I received a call from a former coworker in Seattle wanting me to go to work for him. The salary is a little low but I can work from home and the work is fairly easy.

Also on Wednesday, I received a call from a company in Atlanta. They want me to go to work for them, in Atlanta, for a very good salary. Much higher than I ‘ve ever made. But it’s in Atlanta.

And this is where I have the most difficult time with my faith. When I have several choices to make. I struggle the most when God gives me several choices and I fear I’ll make the wrong one.

I guess I feel that God has a “perfect will” for my life and I just want to be obedient. I prayed for a job and I got two. So, why if God gave me the jobs why would he have choose between the two? I mean, if it’s from God why not just give me the one?

This seems to be the typical way God deals with me. I pray and the answer seems to come in the form of a choice rather than an obvious path to take. This always leaves me fretting over the choice I made and sucks the faith right out of me.

Nevertheless, I know the job offers were from God and I’m thankful for His favor once again in spite of my sin and unbelief.

This is going to be a struggle for the family to adjust to, as we also homeschool our kids.

Pray for me….I think my wife just might strangle me.


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3 responses to “When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It

  1. I’ve been reading your blog and I like it very much. Thanks for the listing on your blogroll. I can’t help but wonder with facination who you are…

    But for this choice, and your wife’s option to strangle you or not 🙂 —
    Sometimes I wonder if the options is God’s way of letting us decide where we would like to live next – like we can have a say in the ultimate decision. We can serve Him and honor Him any where, any place, right? And since I read your previous article describing those who think they hear the plan, know their ministry, where you did not quite “get it”…maybe this current situation you find yourself in is the next step in that learning process.

    I am not trying to sway you one way or the other and I am not coming at you like I think I have some kind of wisdom. The two articles seemed to come together for me so I thought I would thow it out to you. If one choice is made over the other does it mean we are out of God’s will for the choosing? 🙂

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family. I’ve truly loved hearing about them.

  2. M’kayla, thanks for the comment and the wisdom.

    That is difinately part of the journey I’ve been on the last year or so… Learning the sovereignty of God. Realizing that He is guiding me and trying to remember that He just might not clue me in to every step in His process.

    I’m not really sure how I stumbled across your blog but it had something to do with Bill Johnson. My previous church was involved a little with Healing Rooms and the new youth pastor was a big fan of his.

    Your blog with it’s articles on Bill Johnson, Healing Rooms, and especially your journey out of “charismania” have been a huge blessing….in some ways a drink of cold water when I needed it.

    I was involved in the Cleansing Stream ministries at our last church….not bragging, but I was a rising “star”…you know, schmoozed with all the leaders and such. That is until I hit a brick wall and it came to me on day “This is nonsense, I can’t command God!” It’s been a huge struggle coping with the shame of some of the stupidity that flowed from my lips in those days and the damage I contributed to in people’s lives.

    I hope to get the time one day to write about my experiences in Cleansing Stream Ministries, much like you wrote about Healing Rooms.

  3. Praise God you are OUT! – You’ve repented, and my dear,
    there is no shame for you to carry. Shake it off like the bad mud
    it is and go forward. 🙂 I know it is easy to have those thoughts
    but I don’t believe they line up biblically because of the
    forgiveness in Christ. I’ve heard of Cleansing Streams and new some
    people who were involved and went through it. It is amazing to me
    the many “methods” for healing and deliverance as tho Christ did
    nothing for us. I also understand the schmmoooze and rising star
    business. I was there too, but just as I was being asked to do a
    regional conference, I had some serious dental issue that prevented
    me from public speaking. But I had also started my research and
    questioning…so it was by no mistake I missed being involved! I’m
    still amazed at the way God brought me out. It was not an easy
    process but I was never alone in it, even tho no one around me
    understood it or could help me, He surely did. Praise His name
    always. Blessings 🙂

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