Run For Your Life

My wife and I have been “running” for a while now. Nearly three years, I guess. It doesn’t really seem that long because I would’ve thought there would be more progress in three years. I put the word “running” in quotes because what we actually do probably more closely resembles waddling….like a duck….than running.

Nevertheless, like most people who run, we began to run as a way to lose weight and improve our health. We were both on a one way ticket to a life of health problems if we continued eating whatever and exercising never.

I’ve seen a bumper sticker on the back of cars that reads “Run. For life”. All of the reasons people run can be summed up in this statement. Running improves the quality of a person’s life. And that’s why I started running. Hopefully to improve my physical health….my physical life.

These past couple if years have been rough ones. Deaths in the family. Job loss looming in the background like a dark cloud. And worst of all, changing churches and the ensuing loss of a stable “spiritual life”.

The other day I realized that running is one of the things I’ve been using to help me cope with the enormity of it all. I’ve been “Running. For life.” When all the thoughts of darkness have threatened to envelop me, I run.

I thought about the bumper sticker I mentioned above, “Run. For life”, the other day. I wondered what my bumper sticker would say if I was to have a similar sticker on my truck. Maybe something like this:

  • Run. Because the pain in your lungs clears your head.
  • Run. Because the pain in your lungs isn’t as bad as the pain in your head.
  • Run. Because thanking God for the extra mile you ran is necessary when you’re finding it too difficult to  be thankful.
  • Run. Because it gives you something to talk about other than problems.
  • Run. Because you find it easier to pray on Sunday while running than attending church.
  • Run. It occupies the time you used to have serving the church.

And maybe the “best” of them all.

  • Run. If you don’t you might just run….away.

Running, for me, has filled a place in my life that needed filling. The pain of being left in the cold between churches has been the most difficult time of my life. Probably much like a divorce, I don’t know.

I know I’ll have to curtail it someday, before it becomes an idol. But for now I believe it’s been a gift from God, allowing me something to occupy myself with while I wait. I’m not good at waiting, and I guess He knows this.

So for now, I run…..maybe tomorrow something else……because God is sovereign and don’t forget that.


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