Choking on Your Words

Tonight we ate at one of our favorite restaurants, Rosa’s Cafe. I was there with my daughter, Emily, and my wife, Kristine.

While standing in line to order, I turn around to see a guy wearing a shirt that said “F*** You”…That’s all it said. I kid you not. I was there with my wife and daughter and out of what I feel was common decency I felt like I had to say something. He was only about 25 or so, so I sized him up and, if needed, I felt like I could “take him”. 

I asked him if that shirt made him feel like a tough guy. He replied “Not really, it’s just a shirt”. I told him that it offends people, ya know. He merely shrugged his shoulders.

One of things I struggle with is whether or not to let stuff like that go or whether I should say something when I see things like this. People just aren’t challenged for their foul behavior like they were when I was a kid.

It seems like people are getting bolder, wearing shirts with filthy sayings, constantly cursing in front of women and children in restaurants, wearing such little clothing that private body parts are revealed in public. Take a look at some of the websites out there dedicated to this sort of thing such as “”.

I guess “Dirty Shirt Guy” was meeting a buddy for dinner. At the point this dinner guest showed up I began to re-think my whole idea of morality.

He was huge, bald, and heavily tattooed and I realized that what seemed to matter to me earlier, the whole decency thing, maybe wasn’t such a good idea.

I also realized that if it was “Big Bald Buddy” wearing the shirt I probably wouldn’t have said anything to begin with.


Nevertheless, how often do we sit around and complain about how society is “going down the toilet”, yet we’re too afraid to speak up when we hear a group of teenagers cussing in a corner booth at Taco Bell? Or a woman showing her thong underwear in Walmart?

People have forgotten how to behave decently in public largely because it’s been a long time since they were reminded. It’s time some of them are reminded that what they are doing just isn’t the way people ought to behave in a decent society.

Just be careful of getting pounded by big bald guys with tattoos.


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November 23, 2010 · 2:14 am

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