But, But, I’m So Tired of Cake!

As I was driving to the community college after work to pick up my daughter, Emily, I came up behind a pickup truck with a sign on it that I’ve actually seen numerous times. The sign read: “Work hard, millions on welfare are depending on you“.

Though I’m sure there are people from both sides of the political camps that would express similar beliefs as the sign I saw on the pickup truck, I believe one could agree that odds are this guy would consider himself “conservative”.

It’s at this point, and other issues similar to the before mentioned sign, that I have such a difficult time reconciling my faith with the political parties of today.

As most would agree, evangelical Christians tend to align themselves with the politicians and political beliefs that are considered “conservative” and “Republican”. I would also dare to say most of the evangelical Christians aligning with such politics and politicians that would espouse such beliefs as the sign I saw on the back of the truck.

The thing about being Christian, though, is that we aren’t to align ourselves with the politicians and their slogans. We align ourselves with the truth of scripture. Alone.

And the truth is, while there are certainly those in our society that are fully capable of working and supporting themselves that are actually taking a free ride, there are literally millions more that can’t. As Christians we aren’t to judge why the 20 something unwed mom became pregnant and then cast her aside.

What’s done is done. She’s pregnant and the kid is on the way. It not only is destructive to the future of our society to let her flounder, it certainly isn’t the way Jesus would want us, as the richest blessed nation on the planet, to treat those who are least capable of defending themselves.

All across this country today there are broken homes. A divorced mom with no skills that will allow here to support her kids. Families abandoned by fathers. Moms addicted to drugs while her kids wallow in filth with nothing to eat. Yes, it’s caused by their sin. Their selfishness, lust, pervision………….The very same things you have been forgiven of. The very same things that even now lurk in the dark corners of your heart.

Read the Old Testament prophets some time and ponder why God judged the nation of Israel. One of the main reasons is the way Israel was treating its poor while the rich wallowed in oppulence……just in case the hair is beginning to raise on the back of your red neck.

Far too many Christians sing “Gawd bless Amerca” and wave “Old Glory” while forgetting why God blessed America….or any nation or individual for that matter. Our blessings aren’t to be hoarded and spent on feeding our lusts. They’re to be used to share with others.

Don’t believe me, fellow Christian? It’s in the Bible, look it up.

As Christians, we need to stop aligning ourselves with the politics of today. Stop aligning ourselves with the people sticking slogans on the rear windows of their pickup trucks. It’s the Gospel of Jesus Christ that’s the power unto salvation, not the latest campaign slogan of a politician.

Meanwhile we’re commanded to help the poor. So, while I admit our government makes a poor administer of feeding the poor, the need to care for the poor is a command of scripture nonetheless.

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