Running Your Mouth

My wife and I have been running now for a while. Every since she took second place in her last 5K, it’s lit a fire under her running. She is focused and really looks forward to running. She’s even trying to involve the whole family.

In looking for our next 5K to run in, she found one in a nearby town. A fairly popular 5K. In addition to a 5K, they were holding also a 10K and a 1K fun run.

It’s this 1K that she was using to get the rest of the family involved, namely Laura Ann, our 9 year-old.

Over the past month, Kristine, my wife, and Laura Ann have been training for the 1K. Surprising to us was how Laura Ann was so looking forward to the run. The excitement was building.

Well yesterday morning, new outfit on, full of anticipation, Laura Ann toed the starting line along with several other children about her age. The horn sounded and they were off.

Then 15 steps or so into the race, Laura Ann was down smack on her face. Shoved down by an overly aggressive girl her age who was shoving her way to the front. Notice the elbow into the gut of the girl next to her. Might make a good running back in the NFL.

Laura Ann’s face was messed up and her two front teeth were broken. No one seemed to care, dismissing it as merely something that happens. “Gotta pay if you wanna play”. Well, she’s going to the dentist first thing Monday morning and we’ll see what kind of damage was done. Worst of all, Laura Ann’s heart was broken. My anger came out probably a little too unchecked.

It’s exactly this sort of thing that has left me disgusted with sports in general. The aggressive grinding of others to powder in order for your climb to the top and our society’s worship of these type of “sports heroes” .

This is where I fail to understand my fellow Christian men and their almost obsessive love of sports. It’s one of the reasons I have such a difficult time fellowshipping with other Christian men. I can’t look up to, obsess over, discuss endlessly and commit my time to a group of “heroes” that have become almost “worshipped” for their elbow to the gut of another player.

I’m sorry, I don’t see that it’s something we as Christians need to be putting so much time and effort into.

It’s this sort of thing, as seen in the picture above, that I feel most kids are learning of the sports activities of today. You know, little league ball parks filled with aggressive, yelling, screaming parents is what seems to be the norm today.

I’m sickened from yesterday’s events. I don’t feel like this girl learned to behave this way on her own. I can almost guarantee that somewhere behind this elbowing little girl is an adult whose behavior she is mimicking.


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  1. What an experience for you all. We do indeed live in an age where “self-esteem” is promoted by winning at all and any costs.

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