Happy Birthday to LauraAnn

Today, September 21, is the 9th birthday if my youngest daughter, Laura Ann. I can’t believe how fast time is flying.

Laura Ann is a professional Birthday Girl….I mean she talks and plans her birthdays year round. A week never goes by where she doesn’t speak of her birthday at least once. She’s been planning her 10th for around a month now.

Typically, about a month before her birthday, she gets a countdown going where she either marks off the days on a calendar or something similar…..she never forgets to do it first thing in the morning either. The excitement about her birthday isn’t about the stuff either, it’s mostly about the attention she gets. We typically don’t get her a lot of stuff.

This year it’s all about Tinkerbell. She’s gonna have a Tinkerbell themed party then it’s off to the nail salon for manicures for he and all her friednds.

I love her fun-loving spirit and the joy she gets out of silly things. Her excitement and joy is genuine and pure. And of course, I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world…..HAPPY BIRTHDAY LauraAnn!


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