Our First 5K Run

As I’ve written on this blog before, my wife and I have come a long way from the unhealthy downward spiral we were falling into. My wife especially avoided “healthy” at all costs. That was until about 4 years ago.

Now, she is almost someone who could be considered an exercise junkie…..almost. Shoot, she even knows people up at Gold’s Gym by name!

7 Years Ago

I guess you just have to know how anti-health, anti-exercise my wife used to be.  I was a pretty bad off also, though over the years I would make slight efforts to get my weight down and exercise. All to no avail, though.

Her complete turn-around has given me my drive to get healthy. When I saw results in her that were more than just physical, but mental, I knew she was for real.

For quite some time now, she has wanted to run a 5K…..I guess for about 2 years when she met a lady at our daughter’s dance studio that ran 5K’s and 10K’s. As the date drew closer this year for the annual Burleson, TX Harvest Run, she started training.

She was worried, but I knew she had it licked.

Today was the big day. She finished it in 31:42 and I finished in 31:47…..(ya, I let her win, it was the gentlemanly thing to do!)…..not blazing speed, but not bad for a couple of old fatties.

Nevertheless, I’m so proud of my wife and the turnaround she’s made in her life. I thank God for the grace he’s given us to be able to care for our earthly bodies better, and although they will perish like the flowers of the field, I thank Him for the gift he’s given us.

Crossin' The Finish


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