My Loss Is Your Gain

I’m a man…I’m not a woman….

I don’t pretend to know nor understand completely how a woman thinks nor do I believe all women think or act the same.

All of us can, however, stand at a distance and become observers of behavior. We can’t fully understand the motives of individuals for behaving in certain ways nor should we think we can understand their motives. That would be the very definition of “judgementalism”.

One interesting thing, among many, I’ve noticed about women’s behavior toward each other is their behavior toward another woman’s weight loss. I have noticed that when a woman first starts to lose weight it draws other women out of the woodwork. They are almost magnetically drawn toward the woman who has experienced the weight loss.

The talk about the weight loss is excited. Full of compliments. Full of questions. Pumping the “weightlossee” for information on how they can do it too. Women who wouldn’t normally give the time of day to the “loser” will now make a beeline across the the room to find out how she “did it”. The weight loss, that is.

That is until they find out how….Eat a lot less and exercise…..alot…..relentlessly…..religiously…..never cheating. Then ain’t it funny how all the questions and compliments cease. They thought she would recommend a pill or something. But sweat and hunger….No way.

That is unless they’re about to go on vacation or something involving a wedding.

Then they’ll starve themselves to death until about 39 seconds before the vacation or wedding starts.

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