Teacher, I Do Declare!

My wife and I homeschool our two daughters. It wasn’t a decision that came about lightly and without a lot  research and prayer. It’s also been a decision that hasn’t been without its share of criticism both from friends and family.

Many, if not almost all, of our fellow homeschoolers made the decision on the basis of their Christian faith. Ours, on the other hand, was a decision based mostly on academics. For reasons far too lengthy to go into in this post, we felt like we (my wife with a high school education and I with a junior college education) could do a better job than the public school system where we live.

We no longer “feel” we could do a better job, we’re confident. We don’t lay the blame on any individual teacher, but at the feet of an overall system that has bowed to politics and allowed the “inmates to run the asylum”.

As I said earlier, the decision to homeschool hasn’t come without its critics. My sister is a teacher, two of our best friends are teachers, my wife’s brother is a teacher as is the wives of two of my co-workers…..needless to say the critics have abounded.

As time has gone on though (this will be our fifth year of homeschooling) we certainly see where some of the critics of homeschooling get their fodder. There’s a huge amount of people homeschooling their kids that are just plain doing their kids wrong. I’m coming to understand where the complaints from public school teachers regarding homeschooled kids being undereducated are coming from.

We live in Texas where the laws and rules regarding homeschooling are very liberal. Basically, the only law is that your kids have to be schooled. How you do it is up to you….even to the detriment of your child’s future.

Many Texas homeschoolers see this freedom to educate your child as you se fit as a license for laziness and poor educational practices.

Some examples of poor educational practices we have seen are:  having their child read a couple of articles to a fellow church member and calling it a years worth of speech, making the kid do a few extra chores around the house and calling it a years worth of home economics, picking up a couple of math exercise books at Wal-Mart and calling it high school level math.

 My wife and a close friend she homeschools with  have asked a few of the parents doing this sort of thing what they are planning on doing when the time comes for their kids to go to college and each one has stated that they’ll just turn a transcript stating the work was done.

These are professing Christians…ya know….the whole “Thou shalt not lie” thing…and none of them see an integrity issue with it.  I guess they can’t see that not only will their kids not have a chance at college, but just getting any type of gainful employment will be very difficult. They are parents that are willfully setting their kids up for failure.

The whole “head start in life” thing and college issue pale in comparison to this, though: Do they not think God is hearing every lie they tell and seeing every deceptive thing they write on a transcript? Do they, as people who name the name of Christ, have no fear of the Lord in regards to the deception about their kids schooling? Do they not realize that others, including their own children, are seeing the example being set and thinking that lying and deception is acceptable?

While the majority of people within our homeschooling circle are committed to the education and success of their kids, you don’t have to look far at all to find ones that aren’t.

Deception is a lie. Half truths are lies. Telling a college that your kid did something when they didn’t is a lie. And if you’re a professing Christian and you’re lying about your kid’s education, you’re taking the name of the Lord in vain.

If you’re a Christian and you homeschool, it would be a good time to examine yourselves and see whether you are dealing in integrity regarding your kid’s education……..For the sake of your kids future and their very soul.


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