Sometimes, Purdy Just Ain’t Purdy

We have a little flower bed in front of our house that we typically have planted potted flowers in. We would fill it with a “theme” of the same type of flower such as all marigolds or all pansies or whatever we could get flats of on the cheap.

Last year was a busy year, we built a cabin, worked a lot of overtime, and went through a spiritual meltdown. I didn’t have the time to plant flowers as usual so I bought a big bag of flower seeds and tilled the soil and shook them out. Those things took off and grew like weeds, which they more closely resembled than flowers.

They grew tall and thick and the smell they would give off in the morning was nothing short of amazing. They lasted all summer with little water. And late in the summer we had hundreds of butterflies lay their eggs. The girls got to witness firsthand the lifecycle of a butterfly.

Needless to say, I did it again this year.

The thing is, though, the flowers were what most people would call ugly. My dad said he kept wanting to spray Roundup on them. You had to look for the beauty in that flowerbed. It didn’t come naturally. But the fragrance, the longevity, the butterflies were all beautiful to us.

I see this same thing in the church today. Far too many are looking for the flash, the perfection, the eye popping color and looking right past the “weeds”. Even worse, far too many in leadership want to spray the “weeds” with Roundup to make way for only the beautiful “flowers”.

Instead of looking for the beauty, the gifts, the experience of the variety of differences in the church, we want only one large “splash” of color in the “flowerbed” and far too many churches are willing to start pulling “weeds”.


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