Thems Eatin Words, Pardner

In a previous post, now deleted, I dealt with the trend today in much of the American church to look to the things of the world in people instead of trying to see people as God sees them.

When Samuel the prophet was asked by God to annoint the next king of Israel, Samuel went looking at all of David’s big strong handsome brothers. Turns out that God was looking at something else…. David’s heart.

When Jesus was speaking to his disciples about what the Kingdom of God is like, Jesus said the first will be last, and the last will be first. In other words, Jesus was saying that the things that impress people, especially spiritual things, really don’t impress God. A true, humble, obedient, servant’s heart is what will be first in God’s Kingdom.

Clamoring at the front of the line constantly trying to “do an awesome work for God” will get you sent straight to the end of the line in God’s Kingdom. God works through us through a humble (bowed down, reverently submitted) heart….WE don’t do a work FOR God.

God chose the foolish things of the world to do his work. I mean, c’mon, who would have thought a mighty king would be some broken, bleeding guy hung on a tree between two thieves and that only by believing that he IS our savior can we live with God forever? That’s absolutely ridiculous and doesn’t even make sense….to the world’s way of thinking.

Too much of the way we “do church” today is really nothing more than to appeal to the egos and dreams of men…..we look to the attendance numbers, the salvation numbers, the size of the youth group, even the glowing reviews of people who attend the church and we use these indicators do determine if God is blessing our efforts.

It’s called  “pragmatism”.  At it’s root, pragmatism basically is an “ends justifies the means” outlook. In other words, “We gotta be doing something right, because look at all the people in the audience.

Theatre performances are judged in that manner but God doesn’t judge His church that way…….You know the whole “your righteousness is as filthy rags” thing.

I regret the last blog post I made here. I regret it so much that I deleted it. I was frustrated and fed up. And wrong.

However, the showmanship done in the name of evangelism in so much of the American church today serves nothing more than to puff up our egos and inflate our stature in the eyes of men. We can sprinkle the words “Holy Spirit” all we want in our services, but He ain’t nowhere to be found.

The Lord Jesus knew the hearts of men and didn’t need their approval…..remember, He said woe to those that are approved in the eyes of the world.

May I cease to be a King Saul (someone who’s got it all goin’ on) and become a David (someone weak in the eyes of men).


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