Technology Enhances Community? Really?

An article from Cerulean Sanctum here deals with something I have been trying to say for quite some time now, but can’t seem to find the words to adequately describe my feelings.

As an introvert and not really a technology lover, I’m finding it almost impossible to connect with fellow christians for the kinds of things I used to do when I gave my life to Jesus 8 years ago.

There’s not enough time. We communicate in ultra shallow ways such as Facebook entries and text messaging.  In fact, even lengthy e-mail communications are now ignored. No one wants to hear what you have to say if it’s longer that what will fit on a Facebook entry.

And here we are, people earnestly wanting to communicate, discuss, ask, learn, and most importantly share, no longer seem to have a real human voice because it’s being drowned out by all the online chatter.

I once had friends in church that wanted to discuss the things of God and what He was doing in our lives. That wasn’t so long ago, just a few years.  I still have those same friends, but things are shallow, even fleeting, we smile and ask how each other is doing, but if the discussion turns to the things of God, eyes begin to glaze and the ‘ol watch gets looked at.

I guess I shoulda put it on Facebook anyway. Sorry to disturb you.


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