Christian America?…….Oh really?

“As american evangelicals, we are far too comfortable with the idea that we, like the ancient Romans, are a special people uniquely called to do God’s work in the world. We forget that Jesus turned to fishermen, not politicians, when He began His ministry; we forget that He empowered the twelve disciples with the Holy Spirit, not political charisma, to build His church……Yes, our founding fathers invoked God’s name in nearly everything they wrote. But America has also been a four hundred-year laboratory experiment in living out the humanistic values of the modern age.” (Michael Babcock, Unchristian America, pg xiv)

One of the first things the Lord delivered me from when I was saved was my addiction to the political talk shows. You can slice it however you want to, and quote the Bible in any matter you choose, but Jesus and the disciples never lobbied the Roman government for legal change. Ever.

The book Unchristian America deals with the false belief that America was founded as a Christian nation. It, of course, was not. Although there were certainly those who came for religious freedom, most came to get rich. No matter who they had to exploit. Those are not Christian values, they are humanistic values. The same values we are under even today in America.

If you are one who holds firmly to the belief that this nation was founded as a Christain nation, read the book. I strongly suggest you understand the history of this nation a little more in light of the Bible before digging your heals in regarding this belief.

America was never ours to lose. The sooner we Christians realize this, the sooner we can get down to the business of preaching the true gospel.


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One response to “Christian America?…….Oh really?

  1. The Militant One

    I must take exception to your characterization that “getting rich no matter who you have to exploit” is a humanist value. One of the major differences between humanists and others is the commitment to a rational, humanly empathic oriented framework of ethics and exploiting others, especially the downtrodden and powerless is not part of such an ethical framework. That type of exploitation is the purview of conservative christians like Scott Walker and Tom Corbett their ilk.

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