Nothing On But A Smile On Our Face

This week’s edition of the Pentecostal Evangel has an article called iPhone Churches. The article discusses the new technologies being introduced into churches and how they are revolutionizing the logistics of ministry on Sunday morning. Although the article isn’t specifically on the usage of devices such as the iPhone during a worship service, there are some churches using such devices during worship, such as Amazon’s Kindle device.

Because the uses of these types of technologies are so varied, I haven’t decided which side of the fence I’m on yet. I probably never will. I can say, though, that iPhones (and similar devices) seem to be used more for games and entertainment than actual productivity. In other words technology merely for the sake of technology and not technology for the sake of improving something.

I find myself constantly going back to the book of Acts in the Bible and asking myself, “How would Peter or Paul ever have made it without a Kindle.” They seemed to have done  well with only the clothes on their back and a huge parchment Old Testament. Which, by the way, they didn’t even have 3-piece suits or a pompadour hairdo.

This week, as I was reading the news coverage of the Haiti earthquake, I was floored to see just how difficult it was to get aid to the people of Haiti. All the technology, all the cell phones, all the awesomeness of a world superpower and we couldn’t even get food there for several days.

High usage overloaded sattelite phone bandwidth. Airplanes couldn’t land because there was no fuel to refuel with to allow them to leave and the Haitian government didn’t want the airplanes piling up at the airport. When planes did drop aid, there wasn’t enough trucks to transport it. There was very limited landline phone capability. Merely trying to communicate to the outside world their needs proved difficult. And the list goes on and on.

Technology has awesome power. Technology has awesome potential.

But after seeing the desperation Haiti, it’s clear that there can come a time in each of our lives where it’s just the basics of life. When all we want is a drink. A bite of food. A bandage or some stitches. Someone to help us dig our dead child out of the rubble that was once our house so we can bury her.

All of the apps on an iPhone mean nothing to the people of Haiti, and I’m afraid they don’t really mean much to us either. I mean when we all are laid bare before God someday in our desperation.


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