Furniture Shopping For Introverts

This year my father-in-law gave the kids some money for Christmas instead of shopping.

Emily, my almost-15-year-old, decided she was tired of sleeping in the bed we bought her when she was 7 and decided she wanted a new bed. We thought this was an excellent idea and encouraged Laura Ann, my 8-year-old, to get a new one also with her money. which she was thrilled to do. (By the way, doesn’t a parent just love it when their kids choose something responsible to do with their money instead of wasting it on plastic toys?)

I hate furniture shopping almost as much as I hate car shopping. Virtually every furniture store I know of has sales clerks that meet you at the door and even if you tell them you are just looking, they stalk you around the store and periodically ask you if you need any help. Furniture stores, even ones with cheap furniture, try to act elegant and every time I shop in one I feel like I’m being looked down upon if price is an object.

Now I know the sales clerks are trying to make a living, and the store is trying to make a profit, but I’ve always been the type of person that knows what they want when I go to buy something. I do the research, read the box, do the comparisons. Basically I worry over even the smallest purchases and by the time I part with my money, I’m buying what I want to buy.

NEVER in my entire life have  I received a piece of information from a salesperson that swayed me even a microscopic amount. The ONLY thing a salesperson does for me is keeps me from thinking clearly and prolongs me from making my decision. and furniture stores are the worst. I look at a piece of furniture. I like it or I don’t. It’s my taste or it’s not. I look at the price. I can afford it or not. I don’t need a salesperson hovering over me like a house fly when I’m making those decisions. Furniture salespeople are close to being one of the most useless employee positions in a furniture store.


Yesterday, my family and I found an introvert’s furniture store. Furniture shopping designed for the introverted. And that place is IKEA in Plano, Texas. IKEA is a furniture store based in Sweden.

Everything they sell is displayed. Everything. The store is huge, complete with a restaurant. You look at the furniture, displayed in every setting imaginable, and you decide. No hovering. No pestering. No constant “No thank you, I’m just looking”. None of the tension. They have all the information you need displayed. By the way, did I say the store was absolutely HUGE?

On each item they sell, there is an aisle and bin number. You write them down. When you are done shopping you go and pull your own furniture from the shelves downstairs in their warehouse and check out. Never having to interact with a sales clerk. I loved it.

Swedish people know how to shop for furniture.

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