“Don’t Talk To Strangers” Is Kid Stuff

Reading my bible this morning in the book of Malachi, specifically Malachi chapter 3, God is telling of His coming. Essentially, it is a prophecy of Jesus coming. He says he will send his messenger first (meaning John the Baptist), then He will come “near” the people of Israel for judgement.

He will come to earth in the form of a man and tell the people how God really is.

In Malachi 3:5, though, he is listing several specific things He is coming to judge the people of Israel for. Keep in mind, Malachi is talking about the first coming of Jesus. One thing that stands out is the last one.

“And those who turn away an alien-” (NKJV)

So, fellow Christians, how’s that for all of the drum beating you’re doing for kicking the foreigners out of the Good ‘ol USA? Sending them wetbacks back to where they belong, huh.

We all better take heed, God isn’t an American. When He tells us to care for those who are hungry, those in need, especially those who are alien among us. I would suggest we obey. Because, if you notice the next thing Malachi says in verse 3:5:

“Because they do not fear Me,” (NKJV)

Turning away the alien among us is proof positive we don’t fear the Lord.

Remember, obedience to God first. Loyalty to country somewhere after that.


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