Thanksgiving Weekend

Of all the holidays I enjoyed growing up, I would have to say I enjoyed Thanksgiving the best. We usually got together with my mother’s side of the family for the long weekend. For a while this was in Las Cruces, New Mexico and later Springtown, Texas. This gave me a chance to play from morning till night for three days with my cousins.

Tha adults would spend the evenings playing 42 (a popular domino game in Texas) and accusing each other of cheating and drinking pots and pots of coffee till after midnight.

We would spend the days playing war, riding some sort of mini-bike, shooting BB guns and later .22 rifles. But most of all, we were all Dallas Cowboy fans and we would play football on Thursday until we collapsed exhausted. We all wanted to be Roger Staubach and later Danny White (huh?).

As I have gotten older and now have a family of my own the family dynamics have changed dramatically. I have girls and I live away from my relatives. My wife’s family has no kids that are my kids age. Therefore our Thanksgiving holidays have become a little more tame. Mostly it has become just a few of us spending time together.

This year we spent it at our cabin we built at the lake outside Edom, Texas with my wife’s parents and my wife and kids. We had a great time playing Apples to Apples and Chickenfoot (another Texas domino game).

The weather was just the kind that puts me into a Christmas mood. I know this sounds weird to some who live in a cold climate, but sometimes around this time of year the weather is still warm and it’s just difficult to get into the Christmas mood when it’s 80 degrees. But it was just right this year, around 40 degrees at night and 60 degrees in the day. With all of the leaves falling and a thick carpet of leaves already on the ground it just made it seem like fall.

I can’t thank Dad enough for building us the cabin. It will be the focal point of our family hopefully for years to come.

One thing we did this year that was a blast, was going to a drive through Christmas light park. I have been to several others over the years, but never to one such as this. I couldn’t even begin to describe in words how awesome it was, but I would recommend it. It was so good that I would nearly think it would be worth driving a couple of hours just to see it.

It called Christmas Park Athens: The Land of Lights. We spent 30 minutes driving through it and we want to go again. There is no way you can absorb all of it in that amount of time.

It was a great way to cap off a great Thanksgiving weekend.


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  1. Sounds like everyone had a great time!!

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