Good Things Come to Those Who Weight on The Lord

My first post on my first blog should be something witty. Maybe something political. Maybe even something that exposes an injustice.

But it’s not to be.

My first post will be about my wife and the milestone she reached in her life today.

Today my wife is the lowest weight she has been as an adult. This might be a concern if she was the same weight as, say, one of the Olson Twins. But she isn’t.

We both have struggled with our weight all of our lives. The stuggles have been physical, emotional, and sad to say even marital.

My wife began, in earnest, trying to lose weight around January 2006. She had around 102 pounds to lose to be around her healthy weight. At the same time I was around 95 pounds overweight. She began the weightloss, not I.

Over the last 3-1/2 years she has had many ups and downs. She has learned to exercise. Eat. Cook. She has cried and even gave up once and re-gained 20 pounds. During this time I have seen her transformed before my eyes from a young, sometimes impulsive, woman into a wise and strong woman of faith. A Solid Rock.

She still has exactly 20 pounds to go. I wish I could say it will be easy for her, but I know it won’t. There will be more tears and physical pain. I know, though, that she is up for the challenge and will win.



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5 responses to “Good Things Come to Those Who Weight on The Lord

  1. Your wife is beautiful. You are a blessed man.

  2. Sally

    I just read about your weightloss. You must feel so good. I too need to loose 120 lbs. I have cancer and am in remission now. I have hypothyroidism. Some other things are going on and I have always fed my woes by eating. I want so much to loose weight. You say you lost it over 3 years? Would you start a blog and help some of us through it.? We need help. How do you cook. etc. Let me know. You look so great. p,s. this is my first time to your blog and I have been reading almost all day. So much like what my hub by and I have gone thru. God bless.

    • Shockingly, we don’t feel as good as you’d think. I guess it was all the years of extra weight that took it’s toll on our joints. Still, yes, it feels a lot better.

      It would take another blog in itself to document all of the things we’ve done and learned about weight loss. We still struggle and have so much more to learn. It’s amazing how something like food addictions get so deeply buried in who you are and becomes so difficult to shake. Thats where “diets” fail.

      Several years ago we began to look at this as an “obedience” thing. We were ministering to people in our church that were struggling with drugs, cigarrettes, and alcohol. Nowhere in the bible does it say “Thou shalt not snort cocaine”. But any common sense Christian knows it’s not God’s will for your life to use drugs because of all the problems that flood your life as a result. We felt like hyppocrites by tellijg people they shouldn’t abuse their bodies with these things while all the while we were abusing our bodies with something else.

      It’s an act of obedience to God to “attack” those sins of the flesh that are causing a seperation between us and God. But this comes only through God’s grace, prayer, and a submission to God through a heart of obedience.

      This obedience thing doesn’t happen over night. We pray. We ask for God’s help and we determine to get some exercise and eat right. Then we fail by eating half a chocolate cake. But instead of giving up and saying “diets” don’t work, we need to determine to start over as an act of obedience to God by caring for our bodies. Next time we make it 2 weeks. And so on. That’s God’s grace.

      In other words, it’s a choice of obeying God by caring for ourselves in a reasonable manner rather than a desire to look like a swimsuit model……and that’s more of a lifetime commitment rather than a quick fix.

      In a nutshell, as a start, determine to walk only 15 minutes a day (or whatever you reasonably can) nearly every day, around your block. Nothing fancy. At the same time determine to eat at home as much as possible, staying away from fast food. Next pick something else, such as sodas or desserts or whatever and determine not to eat that. Give yourself 2 or 3 months of this without stressing too much on “the rules” of dieting.

      Basically just eat a little less and exercise a little more and do it for at least a couple of months and you’ll be shocked at the results. The goal is to begin to develop other habits other than the ones you’ve been accustomed to all of your life.

      Begin to research healthy eating as much as possible. There’s an avalanche of info available out there. (Stay away from the fads, Atkins Diet, South Beach, etc.). The goal is to begin to think differently.

      After you do this for a least a couple of months increase your walking minutes and reduce another bad food. And so on and so on.

      You will be surprised after looking back after 6 months how your outlook toward eating right has changed.

      I’ll pray for you and may God bless you as you set out on this.

  3. Sally

    Thank you so much for the advice and responding. I hadn’t been back to this post to check out if you’d answered. I do know it is about moving more(I have sat an awful lot these past two years from tiredness and depression over the cancer) and eating less. I will work at this. I can’t stand the way I look and feel. You have given good points and haven’t made it seem like a magical thing that worked for you. I have been having the thought of eating more fruits and veggies, which I like, but it is easier to grab the cookie as I walk by the pantry. Thanks for your prayers.

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